Our Services

Our Services

Groupage Loading

Optimize your cargo space and reduce costs with our precise groupage loading services. Our expert team ensures efficient container loading tailored to your needs.

Sea Freight

Reliable global sea freight solutions for secure and timely cargo delivery, spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, America, and beyond.

Air Freight

Unlock cost-effective and swift air cargo solutions with our special rates sourced from global carriers. Your goods, our priority.

Storage Facility

Secure and organized storage solutions for your goods in our advanced warehouse facility, your logistics partner.

Transportation Services

Comprehensive transportation solutions with our versatile fleet of trucks and trailers, ensuring smooth cargo delivery and your peace of mind.

Land Transportation

Efficient land transportation solutions in the UAE and GCC, including border clearance and claims handling for seamless cargo movement.

Customs Clearance and Approvals

Simplify international trade with our expert customs clearance and approvals services, ensuring compliance and saving you time and effort.

Vehicle Loading and Documentations

Effortless vehicle loading and precise documentation – our expertise ensures meticulous care and accuracy.

Dangerous Goods Handling Services

Ensuring safety at every step – our specialized services handle, label, and document dangerous goods with full compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

SSA SEA CARGO SERVICES LLC excels in providing tailored container loading solutions, backed by a global network for sea freight services. We offer competitive air cargo rates, secure warehousing, and comprehensive customs clearance, ensuring efficient, safe, and reliable cargo transportation.

Safety is our top priority. SSA SEA CARGO SERVICES LLC offers specialized handling, packaging, labeling, and documentation for dangerous goods, ensuring full compliance with safety standards and regulations. We have the expertise to safeguard your shipments.

Absolutely. We specialize in all types of customs clearances for import and export shipments. Our services include managing customs documentation, conducting inspections for VAT compliance, liaising with authorities, and adhering to regulations. We save you time and effort while ensuring compliance.

SSA SEA CARGO SERVICES LLC specializes in sea freight exports to African destinations, including DR. Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Abidjan, and Rwanda. However, our global network extends to Asia, Europe, America, and worldwide locations, making us your ideal logistics partner for diverse international shipments.